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Purchase of rib spreaders

We offer a large portfolio in the rib spreader area. Over 700 products can be explored and purchased in this Surgical Instrument product area. Please inform yourself in our main catalog Rib Spreader, chapter 6, which you can download here.

In thoracic and cardiac surgery, the first surgical step is often the use of a rib spreader. Depending on the approach, a wide variety of spreaders, retractors and locking devices are used. Medical bees covers all indications from the delicate neonatal spreader (Finochietto Baby) with a spreading width of 44 mm and a weight of 56g to a Burford rib spreader with a spreading width of 330 mm.

Rib spreaders are large, massive instruments, but the art here is in the manufacturing. Frictionless toothed racks, with straight or curved side arms as well as adapted blades (grooved, fenestrated, with and without teeth) are necessary. Removable, interchangeable blades give the surgeon even more choices.

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Large portfolio of rib spreaders

In the area of rib spreaders also called rib retractors, medical bees can offer all popular models in all variations.

You are looking for an ANKENNY, BURFORD, FINOCCHIETTO or maybe a DEBAKEY, MORSE, COOLEY,  FAVALORO, RIENHOFF and HAIGHT. These are the most popular models in the main catalog chapter 6 you will find even more information here.

The program is completed by special thorax and sternum retractors: DUBOST, IMA and atraumatic retractor systems for sternotomies.

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