Surgical Power tools

Battery powered Drill&Ream machines - handpieces / Powertools

Power tools Features & Benefits

The Power tools are a complete product range to cover the indications in Orthopaedics/ Traumatology and large bone surgery:

The new beesystemII- Powertool system combines the existing advantages with an even more ergonomic design. The proven concept of the “non-sterilized” powerpack remains. This results in a longer lifetime of the powerpack, especially as the electronic and electrical components are not sterilized.

A special recognition system indicates to the Powerpack the type of handpiece used. The technical parameters are adjusted (e.g.rotation speed).

The latest Li-Ion technology stands for long service life. We have proven this in the last few years since the market launch.

New design easy handling

The new design of the beesystemII machines makes handling easier with a smaller handle design, an improved one-hand mechanism for inserting the powerpack and simpler handling.

The symbols are globally understandable and easy to use. The Drill/Ream mode is symbolized by theHasen Symbol  and Schildkröten Symbol characters. The oscillating mode can be easily switched on.

Power-toll beesystem-+-beesysrtemII

Oscillating saw for Power tools system

Power tools beesystemII Oszillierende Pistolengriffsaege

The oscillating saws are designed for Stryker saw blades and Synthes-AO saw blade connectors. The saws exist in 4° and 2° versions to give different options. A reliable adaption mechanism or quick coupling is provided.

Power tools beesystemII Oszillierende Pistolengriffsaege

Power-tool sternum saw

Powertools Sterumsäge

The sternum saw can also be used as a reciprocating saw and can be equipped with various lengths of sternum attachments.

Sternum saw with protection sleeve and keyless chuck with continuously adjustable rotation speed and switch lever from Step 1 to 2. Basic model can be used as reciprocating saw. Rotate the attachment/chuck to the desired position. Locking always at 90°.

  • Precise cutting guide with good visibility condition
  • Easy clamping of sawblade (no tools required)
  • Use of saw blades with Stryker adaption
  • Attachment of protection sleeve in 4° different positions possible (locking at 90°)
  • basic model to be used as reciprocating saw

Powerpacks universal

A quick-charge unit for 1, 2 or 4 Powerpacks is available. Overcharging of the Powerpacks is not possible.

Powerpack, universal drive unit for use with all beesystem hanpieces, newest Li-Ion technology.

The heart of he system: 1Powerpack for all handpieces

  • Includes control unit, battery, electronics and motor – all united in one Powerpack
  • Automatic recognition of the prefromance parameters according to the used handpiece
  • Unique durability, no need to sterilize delicate components
  • Latest battery technology – long lifetime no memory effect
  • Display for battery charging status: green, orange, red (discharged)
  • Withe LEDs for additional illumination of the OR field

Surgical Powertool System

Ivon Made in Germany

All machines/accessories are manufactured in our factory in Germany and are thus

“Made in Germany” in well-known brand quality

with CE mark and FDA-approved.

Beesystem in a nutshell:

  • The heart of the system: 1 POWERPACK for all 5 machines
  • Newest Li-Ionen Technology for long lifetime with no-memory effect
  • Unique durability – all integrated components: motor, battery and electronics in detachable unit.
  • No need to sterilize delicate components. Only outer housing (machine) goes into the autoclave.
  • Powerpack is automatically recognized by machine and adapts technical performance
  • Complete Care & Handling Concept with special tray storage and confusion-free color coding
  • Easy and intuitive handling of all machines and components. Universal symbols on all machines: locking and safety position, slider.

Power Tools Accessories

The drills and other accessories are connected to the various adapters via a “Quick-Connect” system. A large number of adapters/connectors are available. From Jacobs drill chucks, to Hudson, Harris, AO adapters, to Röhm drill chucks and pin drivers for wires, the user will find the right connection.

Power-Tools Flyer beesystemII

Bild vom Flyer Bee-SystemII

Power-Tools Catalog beesystemII

Bild vom Katalog Bee-systemII

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