Fixation Instruments

medical bees offers a large product program for Fixation/ stabilization/ retraction with complete sets including trays.

FixSys: the new retraction and Holding device for Surgical and endoscopic procedures Flyer FixSys

MF-Cranail stabilization system: the Gold Standard in head Fixation now available also in Premium Version.

Premium coated Version
Can be disassembled for better cleaning and storage in a tray

CT and MRI compatible MF-System
for complete X-Ray and MRI compatibility

Viridis Retractor and handrest system für cranial procedures Flyer Viridis

The new MF-Cranail stabilization system

  • MF-Cranial Fixation and Stabilization system – Gold Standard Aluminium
  • MF-Premium system – coated
  • CT-/MRI compatible system for complete X-Ray transparency
  • 3 Sets available with scull clamp or head rest



Retraction and holding devices for all surgical applications

  • Rapid and reliable set-up
  • Easy to position
  • Variety of adapters for retractors, endoscopes . . . also available liver retractor




Das Viridis Retractor System

  • Retractor and handrest system
  • Modular, self-reteining system
  • Flexible combination of al components






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