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Purchase fixation instruments at medical bees:
Extensive selection – the highest quality

medical bees offers an extensive selection
of instruments for fixation, stabilization, and retraction.
These include complete systems that also contain trays.

Catalog: FixSys

  • Fast and reliable setup
  • Easy to position
  • Variety of adapters for retractors & endoscopes
  • Liver retractors also available
FixSys Flyer Preview

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Headrest systems, FixSys & much more

Fixation instruments by medical bees

  • FixSys: The latest fixation and retraction system for surgical and endoscopic procedures.
  • Headrest System: The gold standard in head fixation, now also CT and MRI compatible.
  • Viridis Retractor and Hand Rest System: Perfect for cranial procedures.
This is our latest system for fixation and retraction, ideal for surgical and endoscopic procedures.
Viridis Retractor:

This is our hand rest system specifically for fixation instruments during cranial procedures.

cranial fixation system:

  • Our standard system is known as the gold standard in head fixation.

  • Our premium version has a special coating and can be disassembled for easy cleaning, sterilization and storage in the tray.

  • In addition, we also offer a CT and MRI-compatible system that guarantees complete X-ray visibility.

Fixation instruments

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FISSO Baitella, Aesculap Unitrac, Leyla, Hydraulikus,
Viridis Retractor System
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Fixation Instruments

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