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Orthopedic Instruments Purchase

medical bees sells in the field of orthopedic instruments a diverse product range – from standard individual instruments which are part of every OR tray to complete sets. From COBB curettes to SMITH-PETERSEN osteotomes to chisels and bone files.

You are looking for instruments to purchase with the following names: HOKE, SMILLIE, COBB, CAROLL, MARCHAC, TOWNLY FEMUR, KUNTSCHER. Here you will find what you are looking for. See the complete instrument selection in the main catalog chapter2.

Here is the Main Catalog, Chapter 2 for download.

If your orthopedic instrument is not listed in the catalog,  simply ask for a quote via the contact form or contact our sales department directly at sales@medical-bees.de.

In addition, we have an excellent caliper program, completely made of stainless steel. You have the security to acquire a high-quality surgical instrument Made in Germany by company medical bees.

Orthopedic sets – Black Magnum

In the orthopedics section black magnum instruments you can order and buy complete sets of sterilizing racks for easy storage and sterilization, all made by medical bees. A new handle design for curettes, Cobb elevators, chisels and hammers is available in these sets. Straight, forward and backward curved curettes and ring curettes in 320 and 340 mm lengths are available. The sets have 6 or 12 curettes and are all available with black handles in various diameters and handle lengths.

Here is the Black Magnum Instruments Flyer for download.

More information about Surgical Instruments

You don’t find your requested instrument on our website? Contact us anyway, we may have this product in development and just haven’t integrated it into our brochure yet. You can contact us via the contact form, or directly, you can contact our sales department at sales@medical-bees.de.

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