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Orthopedic instruments
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Catalog: Orthopedic Instruments

In our main catalog, we present instruments available for purchase under the following names: HOKE, SMILLIE, COBB, CAROLL, MARCHAC, TOWNLY FEMUR, KUNTSCHER. For your convenience and comprehensive information, we offer you the option to download this specific section of our main catalog here.

Orthopedic Instruments Preview

Medical bees offers a wide selection of orthopedic instruments, from standard tools to complete systems. Our product range includes everything from COBB curettes and SMITH-PETERSEN osteotomes to chisels and bone files.

Are you looking for specific instruments like HOKE, SMILLIE, COBB, or others? Check out our main catalog. All available instruments are listed there.

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As a special highlight, we also offer a high-quality range of stainless steel calipers. With us, you can be sure that you will always receive high quality instruments.

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You can find this and much more in the download area of this page.

Why Black Magnum Systems?

Buy Black Magnum orthopedic systems

At medical bees, you can order Black-Magnum instruments for orthopedics as complete systems. These systems are packaged in a sterilization rack, which facilitates storage and sterilization.

The instruments feature a new handle design and include curettes, Cobb elevators, chisels, and hammers. There are both straight and curved curettes available in lengths of 320 and 340 mm. Depending on the system, there are either 6 or 12 curettes included, all with a black handle in various sizes.

Orthopedic instruments

Here you will find all product flyers and downloads for our orthopedic instruments.

In our main catalog, we feature the following instruments among others: HOKE, SMILLIE, COBB, CAROLL, MARCHAC, TOWNLY FEMUR, KUNTSCHER.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem, you can always send us a specific inquiry through our contact form.

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Orthopedic Instruments

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