Drills and Saws

Manual drills and saws

The classic program of manual drills and saws is available for purchase by medical bees customers. You can find our catalogs.

Hand drills Buy

The classic range of manual drill chucks and hand drills is also available to medical bees customers for purchase. We have universal drill chucks with T-handle, Roehm and Jacobs drill chucks as well as BUNNEL and RALK  drills in our product range. These products have been in use for decades, in some cases since the beginning of modern surgery at the beginning of the 20th century, and have often been manufactured in unchanged form since then.

In the main catalog, chapter 1, you will find all the instruments of our drilling apparatus and saws, which we offer. Here is the Main Catalog Chapter 1 for download.

Battery Powered Drill and Saw Devices

Today, manual drills are often replaced by battery-powered medical motor systems such as drills, ream machines and saws in most orthopedic procedures and orthopedic surgeries. A broken bone needs to be surgically treated, a plate needs to be fixed, this is where a drill and screwdriver come into play.

If you are interested in the battery-powered motor systems, we can offer you a complete range, and you can request and purchase them from medical bees. For battery powered motor systems, you can find information about our product range here Power tools – Orthopedics – medical bees

Manual Saw Instruments Purchase

Furthermore in the area of “Neurosurgery” medical bees sells a comprehensive surgical instrument program. Our product portfolio consists of GIGLI and OLIVECRONA wire saws, T-handles and also handles with loop design – all products are available for purchase here.

In the main catalog, chapter 1 you will find all the saw instruments that we offer. Here is the Main catalog chapter 1 for download.

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