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Purchase surgical drills – manual & automatic

At medical bees, we offer a selection of traditional manual drills.

Would you like to learn more? In our main catalog or product catalog, you can find an overview of all the drills and saws we have available.

The Medical Bees Power Tools

saws for purchase

For many orthopedic procedures and surgeries, such as treating a broken bone or affixing a plate, modern medical power tools like drills, Drill&Ream machines, or saws are used today instead of manual drills.

Are you interested in our battery-powered devices? At medical bees, we offer a wide range of options.

Die Medical Bees Power Tools

Bohrmaschinen und SĂ€gen kaufen

FĂŒr viele orthopĂ€dische Eingriffe und Operationen, wie das Versorgen eines gebrochenen Knochens oder das Fixieren einer Platte, werden heute statt manueller Bohrapparate moderne medizinische Elektrowerkzeuge wie Bohr- und FrĂ€smaschinen oder SĂ€gen verwendet.

Sind Sie an diesen akkubetriebenen GerÀten interessiert? Bei Medical Bees bieten wir mit unseren Power Tools die Komplettlösung an.

Manual drills and saws for purchase

For sustained daily use, especially in Orthopedics, a representative selection of manual drills and saws is available.

For neurosurgery, medical bees offers a selected palette of medical instruments, including GIGLI and OLIVECRONA wire saws, as well as T-handles and handles with loop grips.

Would you like to learn more about our saw instruments? All details can be found in our catalog.

Purchase drill chuck for
surgical drills

At medical bees, we offer suitable manual drill chuck for our hand drills. This includes the Universal Chuck with T-handle as well as well-known brands like Roehm-, Jacobs-, BUNNEL, and RALK. Many of these products have been used in surgery since the early 20th century and have maintained their proven design.

Would you like to learn more about our chucks? In our main catalog or product catalog, you can find an overview of all the chucks we offer.

Drills & saws

Here you will find all product flyers and downloads for our manual drills and saws.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem, you can always send us a specific inquiry through our contact form.

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