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This is medical bees

Through the combination of supply reliability, sustainability, quality, and innovation under the quality seal “Made in Germany,” medical bees has established itself as an ideal partner for clinics, doctors, and wholesalers. The company is not only a leader in product development but also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and employee development, showing that it is a responsible and forward-thinking player in the industry.

medical bees equals reliability

100% Delivery reliability for
our customers

Why delivery reliability is so crucial

medical bees is synonymous with reliability. Boasting an impressive 100% delivery reliability, the company ensures that all orders are delivered punctually and in immaculate condition to its customers.

In the critical medical technology sector, delivery reliability is an invaluable asset that medical bees consistently fulfils.

The highest quality is our standard

comes First

Quality as a guiding principle

Through innovative product ideas, including advanced headrest systems and battery-operated power tools, medical bees is setting new industry standards and showcasing its dedication to innovation and contemporary relevance. Furthermore, our products are approved for both the European and US market.

In the medical industry, quality is a crucial factor for patient safety. Therefore, medical bees rigorously adheres to ISO 13485 standards during the manufacturing of its medical devices, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized quality management practices and European safety regulations.

Through continuous quality controls and research, medical bees ensures that all its products are technologically advanced and meet the strictest safety and efficiency standards.

German craftsmanship & innovation

Our products:
Made in Germany

Why made in Germany?

The label “Made in Germany” at medical bees is more than just a promise of quality; it is an integral part of the company’s identity. The combination of innovation and German craftsmanship results in products that are unmatched globally.

We think about the future

Sustainability as our
corporate philosophy

Sustainability in every Sector

medical bees is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its business operations.

The products are distinguished by their exceptional durability, with a consistent focus on using renewable energy in the production and packaging processes.
Furthermore, medical bees actively involves its employees in sustainability efforts, by providing options such as e-bike leasing and promoting various initiatives in recruitment and career development that further reduce the company’s ecological footprint.

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