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medical bees: Invest in expertise
with our spine instruments

Your trusted partner in
advanced medical technology.

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The advantages of spine instruments from medical bees:

  • Versatile configurations: We offer various standard systems. For the U.S. market, our spinal systems feature a special configuration that complies with U.S. standards.

  • German-made quality: All our spinal ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

  • Storage in trays: For the storage of our systems, we offer trays. These are available under a system number or can be ordered separately.

  • Easy assembly: Our BB instrument systems can be easily assembled in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) thanks to a tablet on the lid.

  • Rilsan®-coated trays: We also offer trays with Rilsan® coating, which protects the instruments and valves during transport and sterilization.


titanium, stainless steel,
carbon Fiber, or PEEK


different products
different materials
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Spine instruments
from medical bees?

With over 7,000 products, a 100% delivery reliability, and our commitment to sustainability, we are more than just a manufacturer – we are your partner.

Spine instruments

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